LEO hari ini

Kata Friendster:

In everything you do today, your enthusiasm will bubble up and pour all over everyone who is around you. You will be a ‘happiness’ contagion! Spreading smiles is something you’ll do without any extra effort, and it will create a chain reaction of cheerfulness that will make people want to listen to you. This is a wonderful day for a party or any other type of group situation where good vibes are helpful. You can be the center of all the fun — if you let yourself.

Kata Ahooy:

There is no reason for you to tolerate someone whose arrogance verges on rudeness today, no matter who they are. So if you feel you’re being taken advantage of or talked down to, do not hesitate to stand up for yourself and set this person right! Compromising your dignity is never acceptable. And if you are dealing with someone who you think might be unreasonable or even dangerous, then defend yourself by walking away. Do not dignify a bully by dealing with a bully.

Selamat hari Kamis 😀

*berusaha tersenyum padahal panik setengah mati*

**kejar2 dedlen**


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